DocuWare 6.6 New Feature Overview

DocuWare recently announced the latest update to their Document Management Software, DocuWare 6.6. This newest release includes new features that make this useful software even more intuitive. What’s new? Here are some of our favorite new features.


Automatic storage of the last five search queries. Quickly find documents you’ve recently searched for in the filed cabinet with the Recent Searches feature.


  • Easier to find the documents you’re looking for
  • No need run another search for an item you’ve recently pulled

DocuWare 6.6 Recent Searches Feature


This new feature requires Task Manager License. It creates a desktop shortcut to all of your tasks in DocuWare. Individual searches can now be saved so that they are easily available to you – whether you wish to create a list in DocuWare, save a link on the desktop, or simply store the search as a favorite in the browser. In each case, it only takes one click to access the desired documents. This saves you from having to constantly enter the same search terms.  It is also practical to save the search if the documents that you need to process can always be identified using specific index words.


  • Documents to be edited quickly in this view
  • Easier to access frequently required documents
  • Create individual document lists yourself

Note: To be sure that you are always working with the valid versions, do not save documents locally – always run a search.


  • Counter for currently listed documents
  • Color coding for new documents entered into the system


Documents in lists will now automatically display the next document after you finish stamping the previous document, allowing you to quickly stamp and approve a series of documents for maximum workflow efficiency.


DocuWare OCR’s each document stored. Now when you view documents, you can copy and paste the recognized text to the clipboard to be used in other external applications or export it to a CSV file.


DocuWare Import now supports 3rd-party scanning XML imports. This new enhancement allows DocuWare users to use their existing front-end scanning software (such as Kofax, Drivve Image, or Fujitsu Paperstream software) to scan and automatically index documents for DocuWare. You can now import documents from external applications so that the indexing data is supplied with the documents as XML files in DocuWare Control format. Requires DocuWare Import.


  • Allows your scan service provider to supply you with the files of your scanned documents AND the associated indexing data
  • You can import documents from other applications, e.g. your ERP.
  • Faster storage of documents
  • Effortless indexing
DocuWare 6.6 Paperstream


DocuWare 6.6 includes a new interface for Connect to Outlook for an improved user experience. This applies only to users with the Connect to Mail or Connect to Outlook Module. Emails from Google Mail and Microsoft Exchange can be archived in DocuWare in either their original EML format or as a PDF.

Note: If emails are saved in original format EML, they do not have to be converted. This makes archiving much faster on the one hand and, on the other hand, excludes errors in displaying the converted email.


  • Original emails are archived faster, as there’s no need for conversion
  • Original view of the archived email is retained
  • New updated user interface within Outlook makes storage and various storage profiles easier
docuware connect to outlook interface


Intelligent Indexing Service can now be activated and configured centrally in DocuWare Configuration. This makes system administration easier when working with the intelligent indexing module. This new feature only applies to users with Intelligent Indexing Service.

docuware 6.6 intelligent indexing service


Intuitively move a document from the document tray to attach to a document in the result or task list using the new drag & drop function. For example – if you want to append the delivery note to an invoice that has already been archived, first scan the delivery note into your document tray. In the second working area in DocuWare, open a result list that contains the invoice. Now simply drag and drop the delivery note to the corresponding invoice. If needed, you can then adapt the order in which the documents are attached. Similarly, you can staple the associated delivery note to an account payable received as a workflow task.

Docuware 6.6 clip or store


Directly initiate an import or printer configuration from a document in the document tray. You can also use the corresponding document as an example document for the configuration. Note: The selected document must be accessed in the document tray by DocuWare Printer, or using the DocuWare Import or Scan app.


DocuWare‘s free scan app, PaperScan, is now also available for Android devices. This handy app allows you to scan your invoices, documents, receipts and any other pieces of paper. Once scanned, you can then upload them to Dropbox, Google Drive or DocuWare and easily share them with others. PaperScan is useful for easily reporting expenses. For example – You can scan your hotel invoices directly after checking out and load the document to your Accounting basket. This, of course, requires you to be connected to DocuWare.

PaperScan uses the advanced processing power found in the latest, top-of-the-range Android devices to trigger our unique automatic scan feature. We are working hard to support further powerful devices in future releases.


  • - Scans documents automatically
  • - Automatically crops and straightens the captured document
  • - Puts several scans in a document together
  • - Scans are exported as PDF
  • - Upload to Dropbox and GoogleDrive in batch mode
  • - Documents can be printed or sent per email
  • - Upload to Docuware
  • - Rename documents
  • - Improved edge detection when capturing manually
  • - Delete pages with swipe and undo if necessary


Allows us to simulate an upgrade to check for errors.

Want to see these new features first hand?

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2014 Summer Business Food Drive Recap

Les Olson Company has been going strong for almost 60 years; we feel blessed that the communities we live and work in have embraced us and helped us to thrive. We feel a responsibility to return the favor by supporting organizations that help to improve these communities, and supporting our friends at the Utah Food Bank and other local food pantries has become a big part of that effort.

Presending the Utah Food Bank with a Check

This summer we had the honor of being the official sponsor of the Utah Food Bank‘s Summer Business Food Drive for the 2nd year in a row. In conjunction, we held our 4th annual Summer Business Food Drive, encouraging our employees to give time, food and money to the Utah Food Bank and Three Square Food Bank in Las Vegas.

Sue on Fox 13 talking about our Summer Business Food DriveWe were astonished at what our employees were willing to do to help these great organizations. We more than doubled our original goal! A big part of that was giving employees a variety of ways to participate whether it was volunteering their time, cleaning out their pantries or donating money from their paychecks. Many employees donated in every possible way. The other reason for our success? Beards.

While the company policy has recently been updated to allow beards, growing facial hair has long been against company policy since the company was founded in 1956. So how did beards play into this year’s food drive? We allowed employees to grow beards from June to August in exchange for a donation to the food drive. Almost every male employee took advantage of this rare treat. But it wasn’t just the men who enthusiastically participated, in fact, almost every employee participated.


One of the most fulfilling ways our employees contributed was by volunteering their time at the Utah Food Bank and Three Square Food Bank. Many employees went multiple times, took their friends and families and set up times to go with their co-workers. This turned out to be a great bonding experience and team-building activity. Some sorted canned goods and some put together food packages while others sifted through store rescue items. We volunteered a combined total of 387 hours! That goes a long way to help these organizations that have to run as lean as possible – relying on volunteers and very few paid employees.


Most employees deducted donations from their paychecks or brought in cash and checks. Some employees even brought in monetary donations from their friends, neighbors, customers and families. Collectively we donated $25,322.00, a significant amount of money to help the Utah Food Bank and Three Square Food Bank purchase food for those in need. The Utah Food Bank has such great buying power that they can turn every dollar donated into $8 worth of food and services, making money a most valuable donation.


Food barrels were placed around each of our locations and just a few days into the food drive they were overflowing with much needed items like peanut butter, tuna fish and other canned goods. The Utah Food Bank had to empty the food barrels in our Salt Lake Office just a couple of weeks into our food drive because they were too full, which is never a bad thing. 9,637 food items were donated!

We even set up a booth at each of our company summer parties to collect donations in exchange for raffle tickets, which was a great success. By the end of the food drive we were amazed with the results and happy to be able to help feed hungry families in our community. As the food drive came to an end, food barrels were picked up from each branch location and delivered to the nearest community pantry and we delivered both a symbolic and actual check to the Utah Food Bank.

We’re looking forward to continuing this tradition next year and for many years to come.

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Toner flaking off paper? Easy fix.

Have you ever noticed the toner flaking off of your copies or prints? If getting great print quality from your copier is a priority, then keep reading to find out how to easily fix.

Customer holds page with print


Your copier works by using heat to fuse toner to paper. The amount of heat needed to effectively fuse the toner to the page will vary depending on the thickness of the paper.


Toner flaking off paper? You’re probably using a heavier stock of paper. The heavier the paper, the more heat needed to fuse the toner to the page. Your copier can’t automatically sense the type of paper that’s loaded so it thinks it’s printing to regular paper, which is usually the default setting.


Let your copier know you’re printing on heavier paper (anything over 28 lb.) by specifying the paper type in your print driver and at the copier panel.

To change your settings in the print driver:
This will vary depending on your brand of copier but should be basically the same. Below are instructions for changing your settings in a Sharp print driver.
1. Open your Printer Properties panel
2. Click the Paper tab and select the tray you’ll be printing from
3. Under Paper Type, select Heavy Paper 1 for anything thicker than 28 lb., or Heavy Paper 2 for anything thicker than 90 lb.

To change your settings on the copier:
This will vary depending on your brand and model of copier. Below are instructions for most Sharp MFPs.
1. Open your copier’s Tray Settings
2. Select the tray you’ll be printing to

3. Select your paper type

Want more tips, tricks and answers to your questions?
Visit our FAQs or our KnowledgeBase

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HP PageWide Technology

HP has some new and exciting print technology on the horizon. It’s called HP PageWide Technology, and it’s currently available in some of HP’s Desktop Printer models. HP also plans to use this latest advancement in their Designjet (large-format) printers as early as 2015 and we can’t wait to see what they come up with.

What is HP PageWide Technology?

Basically it is a stationary print bar that spans the width of a page and prints entire documents in a single pass. This is how HP is able to provide incredibly fast speeds and low print costs in these amazing new inkjet products.

Why we like it:

In the past, inkjet printers have not been able to provide the same fast and cost-effective printing to users as the more common LaserJet. HP PageWide Technology drastically improves upon the inkjet printers we’re familiar with, to produce a truly amazing printer that is productive – even in a busy office setting.

Besides the increased speed (up to 70 pages-per-minute for the Officejet Pro X models) and decreased cost of printing, HP PageWide Technology offers other enhancements such as new ink technology with specially-formulated pigments that deliver highly-saturated colors and the blackest blacks that resist smearing and smudges. In addition, printers using PageWide technology produce thousands of ink drops with uniform drop weight, speed and trajectory – generating consistently precise images and text.

HP PageWide in Designjets

Fast speeds, high quality color and precision…these are all great qualities in a printer, especially large-format printers. HP has announced that some of their Designjet Printers will feature their PageWide technology in 2015. We think this will be a great advancement in graphics quality, usability and reliability for the HP line of Large-format Printers.

See how it works, Get a demo on an HP Desktop Printer enabled with PageWide technology:

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Meet Our New Las Vegas Branch Manager

We are proud to announce the promotion of Charles “Chuck” Burt to Branch Manager of our Las Vegas Branch!

Meet our new branch manager: Chuck has been with the company since 2006, working in the sales department. Most recently, he has served as the branch’s Sales Manager, making great contributions to the Las Vegas Branch. This includes leading his sales team in achieving their highest sales record to date in 2013.

“Chuck brings a wealth of experience to this position,” said Jim Olson, our company’s Co-CEO. Our customers will continue to receive the same high level of service as in the past with increased leadership for the Las Vegas branch. We are confident that Chuck will continue to lead the Las Vegas branch in achieving great success.”

Since opening our Las Vegas branch in 2003, it has been managed from our Corporate Headquarters in Salt Lake City with Burt, Clayton Olson and Brett Warren working as a team to manage the location locally. Olson will continue to serve as Las Vegas’ Branch Operations Manager and Warren as the Service Manager.

We are thrilled to have Chuck as our Las Vegas Branch Manager and are certain we will be able to provide even better customer service and support.

Les Olson Company, Las Vegas
2975 Lincoln Road
Las Vegas, Nevada 89115


View other locations ►


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Why Lacerte DMS Users Should Switch to DocuWare

Lacerte DMS users should switch to DocuWare.

Intuit recently announced that its document management products, Lacerte DMS and ProSeries DMS will be discontinued this year. If you currently use Lacerte DMS or ProSeries DMS, you will need to find an alternative to managing your documents electronically. While the makers of ProSeries have recommended SmartVault DMS as a suitable alternative, a little bit of research will reveal that your best choice is actually DocuWare!

Let’s compare:
Lacerte DMS Users Should Switch to DocuWare

Why it’s easy to switch:

  1. We can export your documents from Lacerte DMS and ProSeries DMS and import them into DocuWare for you.
  2. We offer a variety of purchasing options, including monthly payments for added flexibility.
  3. We will customize DocuWare to fit your business processes so you don’t have to change your processes to fit DocuWare.
  4. DocuWare is extremely easy to use and requires very little training or experience.
Get a free, no obligation demo:

What is DocuWare?

Why do we use DocuWare?

We don’t just sell DocuWare, we use it every day in every department of our business. After doing extensive research to find a good document management solution for our business, we determined that DocuWare was the best product available. After using it in our own office, we were so impressed that we wanted to make it available to all of our customers!

 About Our Team:

Les Olson Company is committed to providing our customers with the best possible customer service and support. Our Software Solutions team is comprised of I.T. professionals and document imaging experts. Each holds the CDIA+ certification, which is a highly-regarded and established qualification for document management expertise. In addition, each of our team members are Microsoft Certified professionals and networking/I.T. professionals with various industry certifications.

We work closely with you to make sure that your DocuWare system integrates well with your business processes. We also provide you with product training and installation to ensure that the software is properly installed and users fully understand its uses and functions. Our product experts may also be consulted at any time after the purchase to assist with troubleshooting and additional training needs.

For all these reasons, Lacerte DMS users should switch to DocuWare!

Get a free, no obligation demo:
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Data Security: Don’t Overlook Your Copier

Data Security: Don't Overlook Your Copier

A digital copier is a valuable tool that helps businesses stay productive. Chances are you have one or many around your office. Just as likely, a great deal of sensitive information passes through your digital copier on a daily basis. Do you ever copy, print, scan or fax documents that contain proprietary information? Things like social security numbers, contact information or credit card numbers.

While most businesses go to great lengths to ensure that their computers and network infrastructures are secure, many business owners overlook their copiers as a potential risk to their data security. Why is this a problem? Because digital copiers ARE computers. The hard drive in a digital copier stores data about the documents it copies, prints, scans, faxes and emails. If you don’t properly protect your data, it can be stolen from the hard drive.

Protecting your sensitive information is more than just a good idea, it’s your legal responsibility. According to the FTC, companies must maintain reasonable procedures to protect sensitive information. Depending on the information your business stores, transmits and receives – you may have more specific compliance obligations. Your business may be required to follow the “Disposal Rule,” which requires a company to properly dispose of any such information stored on its digital copier, just as it would properly dispose of paper information or information stored in its computers.


1. Before you purchase or lease a copier, learn about the options for securing the data on the device. Many devices offer data security features, which involves the encryption and overwriting of critical data. Not all copiers are the same, and neither are the dealers you purchase them from. Do your research and ask your dealer how they’ll dispose of the data on your equipment once it’s returned.

2. Make sure your copiers are managed by your company’s IT staff. Employees who are responsible for securing your servers and computers should be aware that they are also expected to secure the data on your digital copiers.

3. When using your copier, use all of the security features available and securely overwrite the entire hard drive at least once a month. There are also software products that can offer more peace of mind with features like Secure Print Release.

4. When it’s time to replace your copier, check with your dealer about your options for securing your copiers’ hard drive. They may offer services such as hard drive removal. It’s a good idea to have a professional remove your copier’s hard drive, rather than doing it yourself.


Wiping copier hard drive

Les Olson Company is committed to protecting the data of our customers. When it comes time to upgrade or replace your old system, you can relax knowing that Les Olson Company takes extra precautions to ensure that your data won’t end up in anyone else’s hands.

We remove the hard drives from every machine that is traded in and wipe them, regardless of the brand. All hard drives from printers and MFPs are removed and wiped to comply with DOD 5220.22-M 3 Pass Standard using WipeDrive Professional; a program trusted by many organizations – including the U.S. Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security.

Customers may also keep the hard drive from their old machine for a small fee, which covers the cost of purchasing a new hard drive, installing and reprogramming it. Customers may also take and wipe their own hard drives to their satisfaction and return them to us at no charge.

Need a Data Security Kit for your Sharp copier? Get a quote >



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Lines on your copies? Learn How to fix it.

The documents we create, copy and print say something about us. A nice clean copy can portray a professional image, while a page with streaks and lines can be embarrassing. Are you getting lines on your copies? Good news, the solution may be very simple! Those lines might just be a sign of dirty glass. To save yourself time and money,  try cleaning it the copier glass to see if that solves the issue before calling for help.

So how do you clean the glass on your Sharp copier? It’s easy! There are two pieces of glass you will want to be sure and clean. One is the large sheet of glass directly under the lid. The other is a small strip of glass to the left of the large glass.

Step 1: Open the lid of your copier

How to Clean Copier Glass

Step 2: Clean the large sheet of glass carefully with glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol and a soft, non-abrasive cloth.

Lines on Copies

Step 3: Clean the thin strip of glass located to the left of the larger sheet of glass.

This can also be done with glass cleaner but most newer models have actually have a built-in cleaning tool for this purpose. If your machine has a built-in cleaning tool, it will be a green plastic piece located under the lid on the right-hand side. Simply snap it out of place, clean the glass by rubbing the felt-covered end along the glass strip and snap it back into place when you’re done.

How to Clean Copier Glass  How to Clean Copier Glass

If you’re experiencing lines when you print from your computer rather than when making a copy or if you are still experiencing lines on your copies after completing these steps then you should call for service.


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DocuWare 6.5 Features, Document Management Transformed

DocuWare 6.5 is the new and improved version of DocuWare‘s incredible document management software which features an enhanced and more intuitive user experience that is sure to improve document workflow and efficiency.

When it comes to Document Management, DocuWare is one of the leading solutions in the world and has been since 1988. DocuWare helps businesses automate processes and workflows by electronically managing and sharing documents. Documents are made readily available where and when they are needed through a quick and easy search.

So what’s new with DocuWare 6.5?

NEW USER INTERFACE – The new standard view is divided in two: on the left are baskets, search with result views, storage and settings. On the right, the viewer displays documents.
Docuware Document Management Baskets

IMPROVED NAVIGATION – At the top of your workspace, you can choose whether you want to display your baskets, searches, lists or tasks. Baskets and lists also have additional options available on their drop-down menus.

The top right-hand corner features a main menu where you can access settings, configurations, apps and much more. You can also open an additional workspace, allowing you to use one area for lists or searches and another for baskets. This makes it easy to customize your workspace to fit your exact needs.
DocuWare 6.5 Navitation



NEW RESULT VIEW – You can now choose to either view your search results as a simple thumbnail or you can choose index card view, which displays your results with a thumbnail alongside index information.

ONE-CLICK INDEXING – Simply click on the desired indexing words displayed in the document. No more typing, typos or transposed digits. Also drag and drop documents to the desired store dialog.

DocuWare PaperScan App

PAPERSCAN – “PaperScan” transforms your iPhone or iPad into a mobile document scanner. This app photographs documents and saves the scans in your DocuWare basket. It has great image quality with guaranteed sharp scans that are ideal for further processing with OCR or Intelligent Indexing.

  • Automatically crops the background
  • Straightens the document
  • Eliminates the need for filing paper receipts
  • Reduces the risk of lost receipts resulting in lost reimbursements


IMPORT APP - You can now import your documents into DocuWare from any network folder. Scan documents from your office’s central multi-function printer into a monitored import folder on a server or network. Documents are then automatically imported into DocuWare.

ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE – The control command “Sign: lets you sign documents directly from your applications.

EMAIL MANAGEMENT – No matter if your document is created with DocuWare Printer, scanned with DocuWare Scan or imported, you can now automatically attach the document to a new email and send as needed.

CONNECT TO MAIL – Email can be accessed from a Microsoft Exchange Server with “Connect to Mail”. DocuWare can pull emails directly from the server and store them in a DocuWare file cabinet or basket.

DESKTOP APPS – Access optional apps, “Smart Connect” and “Smart Searches” through the DocuWare Desktop Apps tray menu. Desktop Apps can also be installed and uninstalled separately.
Docuware Document Management Desktop Apps DOCUWARE ADMINISTRATION – New features simplify the management of organizations using DocuWare. You can now set the Passphrase that is a character sequence, for an encrypted URL to the Web Client. Immediately set up a default basket for new users and specifically filter for new indexing through a store dialog. With “Assign all Content Servers,” a file cabinet will be served by a Content Server that is added at a later date and documents that are added to the file cabinet during new indexing are included in the new status display.
Docuware Document Management User Administration Improvements to add-on modules:

AUTOMATIC SEPARATOR-PAGE DELETION - Pages inserted with a barcode to use as separators can now be deleted automatically after importing.

INTELLIGENT INDEXING SUGGESTIONS - Suggested index words are now marked in the document in addition to being displayed in the store dialog. You can also name your document types according to your company standard and compare intelligent indexing results with existing data from other applications to be filtered.

WORKFLOW DESIGNER - Assign data directly in your workflows, and perform calculations that do not require any action from a user. Either the workflow can make this decision itself, or it will prompt the user to make a decision.

WORKFLOW MANAGER - You can now read external data in order to use it in your organization’s workflows with the “Call Up Web Service” activity and the dialog for creating a workflow has been split into two pages for an improved overview.



Download Brochure

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