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Can Managed Print Services in the Healthcare Industry Improve Care?

Posted by Chalise Moore on Jul 19, 2017 11:16:16 AM

Do You Remember What it Was Like to be a Kid?

The world was your playground and everything was full of magic and adventure. Unfortunately, while many of us were off battling dragons and defending our castles, accidents would occur. Whether it was a broken bone that was obtained from falling out of a tree (the top of a castle) or a cold that was caught while building the largest snow igloo (ice fortress), we have all had to pause our adventures in order to visit a doctor. These doctors were our heroes, and as we grow older and continue to visit them, they still are. 
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4 Web Printing Hacks to Save Money

Posted by Marie Bradshaw on Sep 1, 2015 1:58:00 PM

Did you know that it's becoming more common for employees to print from the internet? If you've ever printed from a web browser, you know that it can be extremely wasteful - printing blank pages and pages with content you don't need or want. By now it's no surprise that wasteful printing means wasted money as the costs of toner, ink and paper add up. Our goal is to help you use your printing equipment more efficiently so we've compiled some printing hacks that will help you save money, especially when printing from the web. For our purposes, we will give you instructions for each tip for Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, though there are ways to do many of these in most web browsers.

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