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How The Internet Became a Cybercriminal's Playground

Posted by Erin Glade on Aug 29, 2016 11:45:21 AM

We are in a great era of technology; a vast collection of knowledge is quite literally at our fingertips, available at every moment. Social media, webmail, blogs, and websites have become toys in our playground.

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5 Tips for Online Security

Posted by Marie Bradshaw on Dec 15, 2015 11:58:41 AM

The internet is now more important in our lives than ever. But every day hackers and scam artists are finding new ways to take advantage of unsuspecting busineses and individuals. Learn how to protect yourself with these 5 tips for online security.

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Signs you're getting scammed by a toner pirate.

Posted by Marie Bradshaw on Feb 5, 2014 6:07:00 AM

How can you tell if your talking to a toner pirate?
  1. Typically they will make their first call to your office to ask for the model numbers of your copy and print equipment. Later, they will call back, appearing to have a knowledge of your company's office equipment and supply needs. In many cases, they will pretend to be with the company you bought your office equipment from, making them seem trustworthy.
  2. A toner pirate will try to sound as official as possible, but if you question them or ask for more details, they can become impatient, pushy and rude.
  3. They will often tell you that you need to lock in your pricing today and try to pressure you into acting fast or committing to buy from them on the spot.
  4. Generally, they will try to sell toners for $400, $500 and sometimes even $600 each!
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